2020 Sale Team and Sire ASBV’s

After a below average season in 2019 for crops and pastures, we struggle with a real short demand of stubbles and pastures feed. We have used more than normal reserves to push our sheep through a tough summer. Adapting the best way we can to climate change, we’re taking the path of growing Oaten Hay and more Lupins during winter to feed our livestock when is needed. Considering all this, our paddock grown Ram Lambs have develop in a fantastic way.

We are focused on growing the best dual purpose sheep we can, on our continuously search for the most profitable individuals, we are selecting for conformation, structure, wool quality and fertility. Based on our ASBV data we are confident that we are heading in the right direction…

For the 2019 drop, in addition to our selected AI Sire Rams we have introduced two Anderson Rams to our bloodline, and we are able to offer some of this progeny. This year we are offering 120+ Rams on our Sale day, Monday 21st of September.

Due Covid-19, we were not able to attend Mingenew Expo this year as a previous presentation of our Sale Team. On Farm pre sale-day review can be arranged. Call Anthony 0427 541 155 or Fred 0427 541 707.

Download the Sale team catalogue  HERE

Download a copy of our 2019 drop sire selection HERE

Download our AI and Semen sire list HERE