A Short History of our Sheep at Hill Padua Three Springs Western Australia

In the 1950’s we were based on the Cardo Stud Watheroo with Tom Keamy then Glen Keamy during the 1960’s. We did try some other Studs during this time as we were interested in plaining up our sheep. It was in 1969-70 we decided to follow Jim Shepherd and the Australian Merino Society. A group Breeding Scheme run by Jim Shepherd on his farm at Shackleton in the wheat belt east of Perth. At it’s peak had about a million Ewes in it. So we started Fleece and Body Weighing and Micron Testing all our Maiden Ewes and Rams. We were full on.

In 1970 we employed a sheep classer Darryl Murphy who was employed by Livestock Controls (Lee Rieniets) later became Agro Nutritional Research Laboratories run by Tom Arkley who analysed our soils and pastures since the early 70’s

Darryl Murphy had access to Ewes and Rams from the Gum Hill Stud Burra South Australia (the late Lance Lines). We purchased two lots of 100 Ewes mated to Gum Hill Rams and purchased two very plain Poll Merino Rams in 1973 and 1974.

About this time, we purchased the Poll Merino Stud of Carnamah Stud Breeder Ron Waters. To my recollection, this was the last time we purchased Ewes. We stayed with AMS until 1998. In 1998 we gave all measuring of our sheep away and classed everything on skin and fleece surface and the long and soft principal with emphasis on body shape and meat on the back end that we learned from Dr Jim Watts SRS. Our classer is Ken Duxson Glendemar Stud Victoria. We purchased a few Rams a year both Poll and Horn from Glendemar and David Thompson Moojepin Stud in Katanning until 2006.

Since then we have used Semen in our A.I Program from our own Poll Merino Sires and also Sires from Leahcim Poll Merino Stud in Snowtown South Australia. Ram # 154 twice #24 and #9. In 2008 we used 100 doses of Semen from John Carters Stud Wallaloo Park ( Maximus) a Poll Ram.

We are very keen Merino Breeders. In the past we have had up to 6500 Ewes Mated all big plain bodies, more than 560 Bales Wool per year. We still do an A.I Program of up to 460 Ewes. We now only run approx. 3000 mated Ewes plus the offspring. Our lambing percentage is over 100% for the last twenty years or so, currently over 120% the last couple of years.

Our property is located in the North Midlands of W.A Three Springs 330km North of Perth 160km South of Geraldton and about 80ks off the Coast. It is now about 10,000 ha in our prime we farmed up to 13000 ha but now have scaled back to a more manageable level. We now crop about 4,000 ha made up of Wheat/Barley/Canola/ Peas and Lupins.

We have been selling up to 160 Rams per Year using the system of Ram allocation Days where clients are given a time to turn up and make their selections. We now hold an Auction on a Monday late in September. We will Auction 120 Poll Merinos.

Starting every year with over 1000 Male Lambs, we go through a strict classing regime to finish with a highly selected team of 120 Rams for Sale Day. Our goal is to fulfill our clients’ expectations by providing the most profitable animal we can. On our sale team every Ram will be Genomic Tested and provide full ASBV’s.

Rams will have Long & Soft Wool and a Body Shape that will impress anyone. The Wrinkle Free Merino. You are invited to come and have a look (bring a mate).

We usually display our Sheep at Dowerin Machinery Field Day, Mingenew Expo and Newdegate Machinery Field Days.

Our Sale is held at Hill Padua Polls, every September.

Hope wherever you are you are having fun and the season is treating you O.K