Hill Padua Ewes For Sale

Annually we have available up to 800 ewes suited for breeding after weaning in september to allow for the younger generation to enter the breeding flock.

360 Yellow tag hoggets – SOLD

We have available 360, 2013 drop yellow tag hoggets for sale. These sheep where shorn on the 25th of June 2014 and back lined with Extinosad.

We have culled our hoggets heavily with anything not making the grade going to the abattoir with the remainder that are for sale surplus to our requirement.These are big framed, square standing types that should suit anyone wanting to start or lift number in breeding quality Multi Purpose Merinos.

More more information please contact us

Anthony – 0427 541 152

Adam – 0427 541155

David – 0437 541 164

1,312 Mixed ages ewes – SOLD

On Monday the 23rd of September 2013,at our Annual on property Ram sale we will have the following 5 line of ewes for sale.

176 – 2012 Drop Purple tag ewes

365 – 2009 Drop White tag ewes

238 – 2008 Drop Black tag ewes

266 – mixed white black and blue tag ewes with 350 lambs at foot

All ewes and have mouths and utters checked and in good condition and would be an excellent start for anyone wanting to get a head start in breed and top quality sheep and some ewes have been used in the ram breeding operation on farm.