2017 Sale Group

We have completed the preliminary classing of the rams into the 2017 sale groups and have available to down load HERE a copy of the preliminary sale catalogue, an a copy of the sire group HERE

We will be displaying at Mingenew Expo again this year on the 16th and 17th of August in the new Elders sheep marquee just inside the main enterance, so if your in the area drop in and say Hi

2016 Sires ASBV’s

We have received our 2016 ABSV’s back from sheep genetics with some really encouraging results, All our key asbv have increased with last year mating lifting our averages and providing solid feedback that we are on the right track with the rams we used in our mating programme.

 Merinoselect ASBV   Percentiles (Aust Wide)Top   1%  2%  5% 10%  20%
MicronPwwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages210.7-
Hill Padua Sire Av.18.36.424.
Hill Padua Sale Team Av.17.45.919.20.710.51.62.5154.9

A Sire list can also be Downloaded HERE 

For more information on individual rams contact

Anthony  0427 541 152

David      0437 541 165

Adam      0427 541 152

2015 Sires Available

We currently have seman available from the following Sires.

A printable copy of their ASBV’s is available HERE
Hill Padua 140040 By Hill Padua 120238

SirePwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages1.98.8-
Hill Padua 1400405.417.5-

Hill Padua 140063 By Hill Padua 120238

SirePwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages1.98.8-
Hill Padua 1400636.318.

Hill Padua 140324 By Hill Padua 122556

SirePwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages1.98.8-
Hill Padua 1403245.

2015 Rams ASBV’s

Please click here for the 2015 rams ASBV results

2015 Rams ASBV’s

Hill Padua MPM has available semen from the following rams that has been used as sires in our A.I. program.

Hill Padua 100437 – 320 straws

Hill Padua 122556 – 481 straws

Hill Padua 120200 – 252 straws

Hill Padua 120238 – 208 straws

Hill Padua 113377 – 278 straws

Hill Padua 110523 – 249 straws

Hill Padua 110345 – 221 straws

Hill Padua 080602 – 58 straws

More semen can be collected from the current and future sires if required. A brief and ASBV’s can been seed on our sires page.