2016 ASBV’s

We have received our 2016 ABSV’s back from sheep genetics with some really encouraging results, All our key ASBV’s have increased with last year mating lifting our averages and providing solid feedback that we are on the right track with the rams we used in our mating programme.

 Merinoselect ASBV   Percentiles (Aust Wide)Top   1%  2%  5% 10%  20%
MicronPwwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages210.7-
Hill Padua Sire Av.18.36.424.
Hill Padua Sale Team Av.17.45.919.20.710.51.62.5154.9

A copy of our Sale Catalogue can be down loaded HERE 

A Sire list can also be Downloaded HERE