Animal Welfare at Hill Padua Polls

Orphan lambs have been in their numbers at Hill Padua’s Multi Purpose Merino stud this year, particularly after a progressive improvement in husbandry management practices that has increased the number of lambs born.

Stud manager Fred Echaniz and farmhand Gabby Cirillo counted 65 orphan lambs they had picked up off the paddocks since the May-June lambing.

“We had 1570 multiple births from 2900 stud and commercial ewes,” Mr Echaniz said. “That’s 70 per cent of the total ewe mob dropping twins or triplets.”

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2018 Ram ASBV’s

All our Data has been collected thought out the last 12 month and submitted to Sheep Genetics and we how have our 2018 ASBV’s back in time for LambEx in Perth on the 7th and 8th of August 2018.

Once again we will be attending Mingenew Expo for the two days on the 15th and 16th of August 2018 with a selection of Rams on display

Following this our Rams sale will be held on farm on the 17TH of September 2018 with 120 rams offered.

A copy of the SALE catalogue can be downloaded HERE,

A copy of the preliminary sire list available HERE


Training session

Monday 10th September 2018

Contact Adam if you would like to participate

A one hour webinar session to help you navigate and select the most appropriate rams for your flock

The Sheep CRC has developed a number of tools for commercial sheep producers that will drive genetic gain and productivity in your flock. We are delighted to partner with Hill Padua Polls to offer these tools to you in preparation for your next ram purchase.

Buying the right ram
Purchasing the right rams is paramount for achieving genetic gain and continued improvements in productivity. This is because of the high level of selection intensity that you can apply to your ram selections. Using ASBVs in combination with visual assessment for conformation and wool quality traits is the most efficient way to identify rams that will continue to improve your flock.

RamSelect is a web based program that allows you to;

  1.  Store information about your current rams and the team’s average ASBVs
  2.  Store your Flock Profile test results The information about your current rams and your flock can then be used to set ASBV criteria for future ram purchases.
  3. RamSelect also allows you to search and rank sale rams according to your needs and criteria. You can go to the sale or selection with the catalogue of rams ranked, to ensure you buy rams that will continue to make improvement in your flock.

What is Flock Profile Test?
The Flock Profile Test is a DNA based test. A blood or tissue sample from 20 randomly selected ewes from your youngest age group, is sent to the laboratory for analysis. The result provides you with flock average breeding values for all the important traits in a Merino enterprise. The cost is $700 plus GST. The test is particularly useful if you have been purchasing rams in the past without ASBVs and cannot determine the ram team average ASBVs.

The Sheep CRC are available to assist you to enter ram team data into RamSelect, interpreting Flock Profile test results and preparing for your next ram selection.


Please Contact Adam To participate


2017 ASBV’s

We have been through the rams and have a preliminary 2017 ram sale catalogue that can be downloaded HERE, as well as our sire’s that can be downloaded HERE. In the near future we will be going back through the sale rams group and reducing this number ready for the on property ram sale on  the 18th of September.

A full list of ASBV’s can also be downloaded HERE

2016 ASBV’s

We have received our 2016 ABSV’s back from sheep genetics with some really encouraging results, All our key ASBV’s have increased with last year mating lifting our averages and providing solid feedback that we are on the right track with the rams we used in our mating programme.

 Merinoselect ASBV   Percentiles (Aust Wide)Top   1%  2%  5% 10%  20%
MicronPwwtYcfwYfdYwtYfatYemdMerino DP+
Australian Averages210.7-
Hill Padua Sire Av.18.36.424.
Hill Padua Sale Team Av.17.45.919.20.710.51.62.5154.9

A copy of our Sale Catalogue can be down loaded HERE 

A Sire list can also be Downloaded HERE 

2015 Sale team and Sire group ASBV’s

After a few busy days in the sheep yards with Ken Duxson classing the rams, we have put together the preliminary sale team and our Sire group.

A copy of the Sale team ASBV’s can be download by clicking HERE, and for those interested a copy of the Sire groups can by download HERE

Hill Padau MPM newsletter 16/07/2014

Hill Padua Newsletter 16/7/2014

Anthony and Geraldine have had a trip of a life time with Scenic Tours a South American Experiences
Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, a trip on the Amazon River then 10 days to the Antarctica, a couple of days at the Iguazu Falls then 4 days in Rio de Janeiro.

Anthony attended the World Merino Conference in Stellenbosch which is 70 ks out of Cape Town in South Africa. Met plenty of farmers and saw lots of sheep, believe me we are up there with our Plain Bodied, Fertile Multi Purpose Merinos (MPM)
Our sheep are all in good condition with lots of lambs. Tailed 120% – Ram Breeders average 122% Flock -118%.

Rams are all sorted and our ASBVS are back all ready. The results are very good and the information about our Rams can now be viewed on our Website on For sale page under Rams.

Our Sale date is 22/9/2014 worth your while to come and have a look even if you don’t intend to buy there is always next year. We will also have a display at the Mingenew Expo on the 18th & 19th of September 2014.

The last of our Lambs went to WAMCO at the end of June with 105 of them Averaging $167.80, 74 little ewes averaging $123.00

What we are doing with our Sheep is a NO BRAINER. Check us out.

2014 Mingenew Expo and Sale date

This year the Mingenew Expo with be held on the 18th and 19th of September, with our Annual on Property Ram Sale on the following Monday the 22nd of September. We hope to see you all there for a bite to eat and catch on on what been happening at your place.