2020 Sale Team and Sire ASBV’s

After a below average season in 2019 for crops and pastures, we struggle with a real short demand of stubbles and pastures feed. We have used more than normal reserves to push our sheep through a tough summer. Adapting the best way we can to climate change, we’re taking the path of growing Oaten Hay and more Lupins during winter to feed our livestock when is needed. Considering all this, our paddock grown Ram Lambs have develop in a fantastic way.

We are focused on growing the best dual purpose sheep we can, on our continuously search for the most profitable individuals, we are selecting for conformation, structure, wool quality and fertility. Based on our ASBV data we are confident that we are heading in the right direction…

For the 2019 drop, in addition to our selected AI Sire Rams we have introduced two Anderson Rams to our bloodline, and we are able to offer some of this progeny. This year we are offering 120+ Rams on our Sale day, Monday 21st of September.

Due Covid-19, we were not able to attend Mingenew Expo this year as a previous presentation of our Sale Team. On Farm pre sale-day review can be arranged. Call Anthony 0427 541 155 or Fred 0427 541 707.

Download the Sale team catalogue  HERE

Download a copy of our 2019 drop sire selection HERE

Download our AI and Semen sire list HERE


2019 Sale Team and Sire ASBV’s








After a late break we received excellent season opening rains which was back up with very good falls over next few weeks. This gave us a very good germination of feed and crops. However the rain did slow down and we have only received light falls since. Being such a late break and with the cold conditions the feed struggled to take off, while there is still enough green feed and we don’t have to hand feed, we are waiting for the spring flush to arrive.

We have been busy doing all our measurement on the rams and ewes over the last 12 months for the ASBV’s and after a small delay due to a technical hitch we have finally received our ASBV’s from Sheep Genetics. Ken has also been and classed the ram and our preliminary sale catalogue is now available. Our figure do really speak for themselves with lots of colour in our catalogue due to a lot of the rams falling into the top percentile bands in Australia giving us confidence that we are heading in the right direction in our breeding program to achieve constant improvement in developing a highly profitable multi purpose merino that can perform in any environment.



A full copy of the sheep genetics ASBV’s can be download HERE, but make sure you have plenty of paper.


Hill Padua Polls MPM Ram Sale, 23rd September 2019

Our ram sale date this year is on the 23rd of September, 2019 with 124 rams available at auction. The rams will be penned for inspection by 10.30  am with the sale due to start at 1.00 pm. lunch and drinks are available on the day and everyone is welcome, even if its just for a look.

2019 Mingenew Expo

Mingenew Expo is on the Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th of August 2019. Due to a busy season on the farm we have decided not to exhibit sheep at the expo this year. However we will still be attending the expo and walking around to catch up with everyone. So keep an eye out for us all and say G’day.

2018 Ram ASBV’s

All our Data has been collected thought out the last 12 month and submitted to Sheep Genetics and we how have our 2018 ASBV’s back in time for LambEx in Perth on the 7th and 8th of August 2018.

Once again we will be attending Mingenew Expo for the two days on the 15th and 16th of August 2018 with a selection of Rams on display

Following this our Rams sale will be held on farm on the 17TH of September 2018 with 120 rams offered.

A copy of the SALE catalogue can be downloaded HERE,

A copy of the preliminary sire list available HERE


Training session

Monday 10th September 2018

Contact Adam if you would like to participate

A one hour webinar session to help you navigate RamSelect.com.au and select the most appropriate rams for your flock

The Sheep CRC has developed a number of tools for commercial sheep producers that will drive genetic gain and productivity in your flock. We are delighted to partner with Hill Padua Polls to offer these tools to you in preparation for your next ram purchase.

Buying the right ram
Purchasing the right rams is paramount for achieving genetic gain and continued improvements in productivity. This is because of the high level of selection intensity that you can apply to your ram selections. Using ASBVs in combination with visual assessment for conformation and wool quality traits is the most efficient way to identify rams that will continue to improve your flock.

RamSelect.com.au is a web based program that allows you to;

  1.  Store information about your current rams and the team’s average ASBVs
  2.  Store your Flock Profile test results The information about your current rams and your flock can then be used to set ASBV criteria for future ram purchases.
  3. RamSelect also allows you to search and rank sale rams according to your needs and criteria. You can go to the sale or selection with the catalogue of rams ranked, to ensure you buy rams that will continue to make improvement in your flock.

What is Flock Profile Test?
The Flock Profile Test is a DNA based test. A blood or tissue sample from 20 randomly selected ewes from your youngest age group, is sent to the laboratory for analysis. The result provides you with flock average breeding values for all the important traits in a Merino enterprise. The cost is $700 plus GST. The test is particularly useful if you have been purchasing rams in the past without ASBVs and cannot determine the ram team average ASBVs.

The Sheep CRC are available to assist you to enter ram team data into RamSelect, interpreting Flock Profile test results and preparing for your next ram selection.


Please Contact Adam To participate